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Christopher Hoeting

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Documenting the Emery Theatre. Fotofocus 2012

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Fotofocus 2012: Gateway Arts Festival, Contained. A Requiem Project

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Gateway Arts Festival, A Requiem Project

 Restaurant and Bar |Outside
1440 Walnut St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 823-2122

Friday October 26, 5 pm-9 pm
Saturday October 27, 2 pm–5 pm (by appointment,
Saturday November 3, 2 pm–5 pm (by appointment,
Produced by Tara Lindsey Gordon, Christopher Hoeting, and Tina Manchise
Curated by Christopher Hoeting
October 20–November 3

Exhibitions open
Saturday October 20, 2 pm–12 am

Contained, the inaugural exhibit at the Gateway Arts Festival, features outdoor, site-specific glimpses into the contemporary conversation of photography and a unique look into lens-based fine art. Participating artists have created photographic experiences within the boundaries of 11 large steel shipping containers. The photo-based installations create experiences that surround the viewer, reference sculptural installation practices, and respond to the volume within the confines of the space.

The artists in Contained work beyond conventional documentary approaches into a staged experience within a space. Their lens-based investigations take on a variety of contemporary forms—digital and physical manipulation, print-based media, and film.The artists willingly challenge our understanding of photography’s conceptual boundaries and question, “what is real” within this era of photo manipulation and technology. Methods reexamined in these unique photo experiences include camera obscura, pinhole, process, video, and pigment printing. Contained is a conversation about perspective among local, regional, national, and international artists in site-specific artworks placed in a temporary public art installation along the northern entrance to Walnut Street in the historic neighborhood of Over-the- Rhine. Contained features: Ric Hine, J. Daniel Graham & Darrell Kincer, Ilkka Halso, Terrance Hammonds, Brandon Morse, Michael Platt, Letitia Quesenberry, Mat Rappaport, David Rosenthal, and Joel Whitaker.

The Requiem Project is a 501(c)-3 not-for-profit arts company with the mission to re-establish an acoustically-pure historic treasure, The Emery, and transform the theatre into a vibrant and unique venue that will define itself as a space that encourages creative growth, fosters a multitude of opportunities for artistic collaborations, and offers arts-based educational opportunities through dance, music, theatre, film, visual, and interdisciplinary artistic expressions for local and national performing artists.

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Factory Square Fine Arts Festival

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